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  • Leicester is a culturally diverse metropolitan city with South Asian and Afro-Caribbean communities and recent arrivals from other European countries. It is a major centre for learning with universities like the University of Leicester and De Montfort University.

    Like many cities, Leicester has a mix of industries – from textile, shoes, and apparel, to banking, engineering, and brewery. As well as financial and business services. No tourist will be bored or go hungry when treading along the main streets and business centres.

    Food and Wine

    Food and wine are abundant as there are numerous shops, markets and manufacturing facilities that provide the sumptuous delicacies both locals and tourists love. Shopping centres and stores are quite accessible. However, booking a chauffeur in Leicester is the smarter thing to do especially if you are a visitor who loves to shop, dine, and see the most of the major attractions of the city.


    Sports fans are also encouraged to book VIP chauffeuring in Leicester especially during game season. If you’re planning to watch rugby, hockey, cricket, football, or speedway races, make sure that you have chauffeuring in Leicester early on. Major sporting events in Leicester can be best enjoyed with your buddies or family, so it is best to book a chauffeured car to ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

    Culture & Arts

    For culture and arts events, you can choose from a variety of exhibitions, galleries, museums, as well as cinema and digital arts venues. These are great events for students and artistically inclined visitors. If you love a bit of history, you can visit the house museums, gardens, and other heritage structures. And you can arrange a specific trip to these historic, cultural and arts events by booking a chauffeur in Leicester. Our expert drivers are familiar with the area and attractions that are famous among tourists.

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