• If you want a comfortable and safe car for an individual or group, the Mercedes Executive MPV Viano is an ideal choice. Small groups or a small family will find this luxury chauffeured car quite relaxing, spacious, and safe during their trip.

    It offers a capacity of up to eight passengers and has an extensive luggage capacity of up to seven large suitcases and hand-carry bags. It has leather seats and a meeting table which allows full-function meetings.

    The Ideal Car for Small Families and Groups

    Many of our executive clients prefer this luxury chauffeured car because it offers ample space not only for resting and relaxing while on the road, but also the opportunity to conduct short meetings and conferences if needed.

    As mentioned earlier, the interior of the Mercedes Executive MPV Viano is quite spacious and it also has five individual seating, allowing face-to-face, in-car conferences, as well as a small party on the go, if preferred.

    For small families that love short travels within the area, this is the luxury ride that’s perfect for sightseeing tours, shopping and mall-hopping, and other fun activities.

    For sports fans, booking in advance is the best option if you wish to ride in our Mercedes Executive MPV Viano. We can take you to the major games and arenas while you and your buddies relax in style and comfort.

    Air and sea travelers will also enjoy this car – not just because of the luxurious advantages and features, but also because of the coziness and comfort it offers. Imagine going home after an exhausting trip by air or sea – you’d definitely want to sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy the relaxing ride.

    Whatever your reason for choosing a Mercedes Executive MPV Viano, you will surely benefit from the comfort, safety, and luxury it provides during your ride.

    To book our Mercedes Executive MPV Viano for your next trip, contact us today or use our online booking form.