• Travelling to the airport in a stretch limo is something everybody likes to do. It’s a way to travel without the stress of it and it can make anybody feel special. You can sit back whilst somebody else takes the strain of the driving and the traffic. All you need to do is to show up with your bag.
    Whether you’re heading out to enjoy a weekend away with the lads or you’ve got your family together for a once in a lifetime holiday, we can drive you. You may even be going on a honeymoon or travelling for a work-related project. We are here to carry you directly to the airport.

    Leave stress at home with our limo airport transfer

    One of the essential decisions to be made when travelling from any airport is how you are going to reach the airport. You could, of course, take public transport, and you can choose to take a taxi. However, taking a stretch limo will give you that extra edge. It will arrive on time at your door and our driver will take your bag for you. All you have to do is to climb in and sit back. Our limo airport transfer in Leicester removes all the stress.
    There are no buses to wait for outside the station. You also won’t have to struggle up and down steps with your suitcases. Once you arrive home from your trip again, rest assured that our limo will be there waiting for you to arrive so that they can drive you home in comfort and style.

    More economical than you may think

    Although you may feel like you’re being too extravagant by hiring a limo to take you to the airport, do it right, and it could even work out far more economical. If you’re travelling with a large number of people, then you can ask for a financial contribution from each person who travels with you. They will be able to stretch out once on board, and they will also enjoy travelling with you in one group.
    Not being late for your flight is important, and it’s more likely if you drive yourself. Book a limo from us and we will ensure that you‘re there in time for you to travel on your aircraft. Our limo service is affordable but safe and comfortable for your airport transfer needs. Our fleet of limousines each have the latest in terms of amenities and communications. Call us today and we can set up an account with you for preferred rates, or you may prefer to try us one time before deciding to build a strategic relationship with us.
    Each of our limos are designed to be safe and are driven by a dependable and reliable driver. No matter where you’re going to, we can get you to the airport safely and on time. We offer a range of cars for our limo airport transfer in Leicester and the surrounding areas. Whichever you prefer, call us today and we can ensure that’s available to pick you up to get you where you’re going without any hassle.
    Contact us today or call 0116 3214 161. You can also use our booking form, if you wish to book online. Finally, if you have any questions, please let us know.